Walk to The Bear Pub (Less than half a mile; direct from the cottage)

The Bear is a great, dog friendly pub a short walk away across the fields.

See the walk on an OS map.

Dog Factors

Livestock – none.

Stiles – an easy squeeze stile, a stone one to climb and a rather narrow squeeze stile. Our dog can manage all (and he does struggle with squeeze stiles) but they may be tricky if your dog is old or very big.


1. Leave Pendleton Cottage and turn right up Pendleton Lane.

2. Almost immediately the road turns sharp left. Instead of following the road around to the left, take a footpath which goes staight on, signposted for Alport Heights.

3. Go past a cottage on your right, entering a field through a stone squeeze stile.

4. Keep walking straight up the hill, with the field boundary on your right.

5. Pass into a second and then a third field, keeping the field boundary on your right. About half way up the third field, notice a wooden sign saying “The Bear” and directing you diagonally to the left across the field.

6. Take the diagonal path, to a stone stile which you climb over, taking you into another field. Walk diagonally across this field, to another stile which takes you into the car park of The Bear.

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