North Alderwasley short walk (less than 2 miles)

A short, scenic route which takes you through woods and fields to the north of the cottage. There are views of Crich Stand in the distance.

Click here to see a map of the walk

1. Go out of the gate and turn left. Walk up to the end of Pendleton Lane.

2. Cross the “main” road and go onto a track called “Well Lane”, which leads towards Knob Farm. Near the start of the track you will see a footpath heading off the right, signposted “Whatstandwell”. Take that path. There is a narrow squeeze stile but dogs can go under the fence. View towards Crich Stand

3. Continue through fields on a clear path, passing through three easy wooden gates. You will come to a fourth gate which is in the left corner of a field. Go through that gate and walk through a further field. The next gate is easier to miss – it is on the left and passes through a stone wall, to take the path onto the opposite side of the wall. (You have been walking with the field boundary on your left and now it should be on your right.

P10100494. Walk on with the wall on your right. You’ll see a large dead tree on the hill on your left. Continue until the end of the field where you’ll reach  a point where five footpaths meet. If you want to do a longer walk, there are lots of options here, but we’ll still to the short walk. So, follow the path to Wirksworth. It should take you around the right side of the dead tree, into a lightly wooded area. There are several paths and it doesn’t matter too much which you take, but wind your way down to a squeeze stile passing into some trees.

5. Just stay on this path, keeping the wood on your left, passing through two stiles. There may be sheep in this area.

6. Eventually you reach a rather intimidating stile where you have to climb a wall and open a wooden gate. It’s not as bad as it looks but watch out in case the electric fence is on.

7. Continue on the path with woods on your left, until you pass through a gate onto a track. Go straight on for about 50 yards and then follow the track round to the left. Stay on the track until you emerge by some farm buildings. This track turns into Well Lane and brings you out at the end of Pendleton Lane once more.

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