Longway Bank Walk (2.5 miles; direct from the holiday cottage)

A varied walk through beautiful Derbyshire countryside, direct from the holiday cottage. It can easily be extended if you want to venture further up towards Black Rock and the High Peak trail.

longway bank

Longway bank walk

Dog walk Factors

Wildlife/livestock – Sometimes there are cows and/or sheep in the fields and you’ll need to keep dogs on leads in those places.  I’ve never met any troublesome cows on this walk though.

Stiles – there are a few wooden stiles which could be tricky if your dog is large and not very agile. Nothing which caused our labrador sized dog a problem though.

Water – there are some small streams.

Roads – you just have to walk up Pendleton Lane and cross the road at the end – nothing busy.

Other dogs – you probably won’t meet a soul.

See the walk on an OS map.

Walk Directions

1. Walk out of the gates of the holiday cottages and turn left, to walk north down Pendleton Lane.

longway bank2. At the end of Pendleton Lane, cross the “main” road, and go straight on up Well Lane, following a footpath sign to Longway Bank.

3. Walk up Well Lane past Knob Farm and a couple of other houses. There are good views to the right towards Crich Stand – the tower in the distance.

longway bank4. As the houses end, continue onto a track between two stone walls, eventually reaching a footpath with a “dogs on leads” sign. Apparently the farmer here is not keen on dogs, so be careful especially if there are sheep or cows around.

5. Go through the stile and walk up the field, with a wall on your right.  Continue along a well marked track until you reach a field gate and a rather baffling “no access” sign.

longway bank 6. At the “no access” sign, do not despair! Turn right and follow the track towards another field. You’ll see a squeeze style on the left of some gateposts and a large field stretching ahead of you.

5. Walk at a slight diagonal across the field, generally in the direction of a house at the bottom.

longway bank longway bank 6. You’ll see a rather strange stile with no fence, in the middle of the field. If you head towards that, you are going in the right direction.

7. Continue past the stile, in the direction of a telegraph pole.  You’ll see a wood on your right, and just past the telegraph pole, there’s a metal gate into the wood. Go through the gate and cross a small stream.

longway bank8.Follow the path through the wood, until you reach an easy stile taking you into a field. Sometimes there are sheep in this field.

9. Walk through the field, keeping close to the trees on your left. After a hundred yards or so, you’ll see a stile on your left, leading into the trees.

longway banklongway bank10. Go over the stile. This stile is a bit tricky for some dogs. Ours pushes through the fence on the right of the stile.   Continue over some stepping stones.

11. Follow the path through trees and a small meadow, until you reach the end of the meadow and a metal gate on your left. Dont go though the style to the left of the metal gate. Instead, turn right and walk down a path. (The footpath on the left goes off towards Black Rock and the High Peak Trail.)

longway bank 12. Keep following the path down towards a rather idyllic looking house, crossing a number of wooden stiles. You are now on the Midshires Way.

13. After passing the idyllic house, cross another wooden style and then walk diagonally up the left one of the two large fields. Depending on the time of year, the path may or may not be clear.  In the photograph below, the path is roughly at the junction between the long and the short grass.

longway bank 14. Head for a wooden gate at the top of the field. Pass through the gate and follow the path up the hill, with trees on your right.



longway bank longway bank 15. You’ll reach a point where several footpaths meet. You want the one to Alderwasley, but it’s not massively clear.  You’ll see a path heading up a large field towards a dead tree – don’t take that. Instead, walk down the left side of that large field, with the hill and the dead tree on your right.

longway bank 16. Keep an eye out for a stile on your left, passing through the fence. Go through that stile, turn right and then follow the well marked path.  You’ll go through several wooden gates, and the fields may have sheep in them.

17. This path brings you out at the bottom of Well Lane, opposite Pendleton Lane. The last style is a very narrow squeeze stile but   there is an obvious hole in the fence that dogs can go through.

18. You are now back at the north end of Pendleton Lane.

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