Alport Heights Walk

Alport Heights

Alport Heights

1. Walk out of the gates of the cottage and turn right onto the lane. Then almost immediately take the footpath which is straight ahead of you, when the road goes round to the left. It is signposted for “Aport Heights”. (The same way as if you were walking to The Bear.)

2. Continue on this footpath through several fields. You will see a point where the path branches and the left fork goes to The Bear. Ignore this and carry straight on over a stile and onto a narrow path between fields. Another stile takes you into a further field and then a small gate takes you onto the road.

3. Turn right onto the road and walk for about 200 yards, until you see a footpath sign on your left. (Opposite a sign indicating a bend in the road.)

4. Take the footpath to the left and pass through some trees, before exiting into an open area and crossing a driveway to a house. Follow a clear path across a small patch of grass before entering another field. Cross a small stream to enter another field and take the right hand if two footpaths. Cross one more small field (which sometimes contains cows in the summer) before exiting onto a lane.

5. Cross the lane and walk down a track towards a house. The footpath goes through a stile to the left of the house. Follow the path with the field boundary on your right, crossing a stile which has a helpful dog gate. Pass through another field before exiting onto a lane.

6. Turn left onto the lane and walk a few hundreds yards up to a crossroads. You will see the phone masts at Alport Heights looming above you. Go straight on at the cross roads and then turn left to walk up to the top.

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