Resident Animals

These are some of the animals that live at our house and in the fields around the holiday cottages.


Starsky is our husky cross, who came from the RSPCA at 10 months old. He  helps us check out all the local walks for dog factors. He points out difficult stiles, fields of sheep and places to take a dip (the dirtier the better).

Starsky is very friendly to both people and other dogs.  He loves to meet dogs who come to stay, but is happy to stay away if they don’t want to socialise!

The Horses

The horses are very friendly. The bay gelding is Oto who loves attention – but please don’t feed him as he struggles with his weight! The black mare is Shadow, who also has a bit of weight problem. The two thoroughbreds (bay and liver chestnut) and Monty and Guinness.

This is Oto showing some of the things he has learnt:

The Sheep

The Sheep belong to Jack, who lives at the farm over the road. They help eat the grass and stop Oto getting any fatter!